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ATlantic Pharmacy offers a wide range of medicines for various conditions. Many of the drugs we sell are prescription and non-prescription drugs. As an online pharmacy, you can only buy on Atlantic Pharmacy. We offer a whole range of medicines specifically for men and women, as well as more generic medicines that are used to treat common chronic conditions. Some of our more common treatments are asthma inhalers, acid reflux, beta blockers and high blood pressure, all of which are classified as chronic conditions. However, other conditions that tend to be more intermittent can still affect people in the long term, including eczema, psoriasis and dermititis, which can be treated with a simple topical ointment such as betamethasone.

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Absolutely! Atlantic Pharmacy are a fully licensed online pharmacy regulated by the MHRA and GPhC. You can verify that we are a legally qualified and licensed online pharmacy by consulting the drug dealer’s registry for authorized online drug vendors. You can also scroll to the bottom of our page and click on the two green flags that lead you to both the MHRA and GPhC websites to confirm that we are a registered online pharmacy. We want to ensure that you receive the best possible medical care and that is why we insist that all our online pharmacists and doctors have a full license.